Future of the Internet as foreseen in the Past : Ira Magziner at the ICANN Silicon Valley Meeting

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Ira Magaziner has had a long and illustrious career, often called cerebral.  Ira is a valedictorian at Brown University.  He attended Balliol College at Oxford as a Rhodes scholar.  He has honorary doctorate degrees from Brown University, University of Rhode Island, New England Institute of Technology, and the University of Maryland.   He’s now chairman of the William J. Clinton Foundation’s international development activities and initiatives.  He was senior advisor to the president for policy development in the Clinton White House, where he shaped many important programs for this country and that affect the world.  He helped drive the…read more


Remembering Jon: Looking Beyond the Decade

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Dr Vinton Gray Cerf, hailed as the Father of the Internet, now Chief Internet Evangelist and Vice President of Google remembers Jon Postel in this article that appeared in CircleID, reproduced here with permission from Vint Cerf and CircleID A decade has passed since Jon Postel left our midst. It seems timely to look back beyond that decade and to look forward beyond a decade hence. It seems ironic that a man who took special joy in natural surroundings, who hiked the Muir Trail and spent precious time in the…read more