EFF argues that patents hinder innovation

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Patents may have been created to help encourage innovation, but instead they regularly hinder it. The US Patent Office, overwhelmed and underfunded, issues questionable patents every day. “Patent trolls” buy too many of these patents and then misuse the patent system to shake down companies big and small. Others still use patents to limit competition and impede access to new knowledge, tools, or other innovations. It’s no wonder that small businesses and individual inventors find it almost impossible to make the patent system work in their favor, often leaving them…read more


Government of India to have DIRECT Access to all your phone conversations

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Secure tapping mechanism ready Soon the Centre would have direct access to all your telephone conversations as the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has developed capabilities to intercept phones without keeping your operator in the loop. Currently, trials are on in Delhi and Haryana through a main server established in the national capital. It would take another 12 months before the system is officially operational. Government of India, at the highest level decided to set up a Central Monitoring System (CMS) to tap calls without the interference of telecom service providers….read more


Russia And China want the Internet regulated Top-Down

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  For all the talk of SOPA/PIPA/ACTA/TPP, there’s another much bigger threat to “the Internet as we know it.” It’s a bunch of countries who are seeking to use the UN’s International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to create a top-down regulatory scheme for the Internet. # ITU has made persistent attempts to take over many of the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) and the ICANN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) functions; its game plan is to charm a few countries into a design that would result in Governments handing…read more


Press freedom rank for India drops from 105 in 2009 to 131 last year

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Following are excerpts from a Washington Post article titled “India debates limits to freedom of expression”   From Google to Facebook, from world-famous author Salman Rushdie to a little-known political cartoonist, it has become increasingly easy in recent months to offend the Indian government, and to incur the wrath of the censor or even the threat of legal action. In the world’s largest democracy, many Indians say freedom of expression is under attack, and along with it the values of pluralism and tolerance that have bound this nation of 1.2…read more


Malware FOR Governments: how the surveillance industry markets spyware

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A collection of documents recently published by Wikileaks casts a light on surveillance vendors who sell intrusive monitoring technology to governments and law enforcement agencies. This growing industry—which serves countries around the world—offers the ability to monitor entire populations and circumvent the privacy and security safeguards built into conventional consumer technology. In an arstechnica report last week, arstechnica highlighted DigiTask, a German company that sells malware for law enforcement investigations. The company’s marketing materials says that its software, which is deployed through zero day exploits, can intercept encryption keys to…read more