Security: President Barrack Obama on securing America’s cyber infrastructure

US President Barrack Obama made some remarks on 29th May on securing America’s Cyber infrastructure. While outlining the strategy for cybersecurity he is explicit in stating that privacy and other civil liberties are not to be ignored: “Our pursuit of cybersecurity will not — I repeat, will not include — monitoring private sector networks or Internet traffic. We will preserve and protect the personal privacy and civil liberties that we cherish as Americans. Indeed, I remain firmly committed to net neutrality so we can keep the Internet as it should be — open and free” That is very positive.

“cyberspace is real. And so are the risks that come with it.

It’s the great irony of our Information Age — the very technologies that empower us to create and to build also empower those who would disrupt and destroy. And this paradox — seen and unseen — is something that we experience every day.

It’s about the privacy and the economic security of American families. We rely on the Internet to pay our bills, to bank, to shop, to file our taxes. But we’ve had to learn a whole new vocabulary just to stay ahead of the cyber criminals who would do us harm — spyware and malware and spoofing and phishing and botnets. Millions of Americans have been victimized, their privacy violated, their identities stolen, their lives upended, and their wallets emptied. ” said the President.

He went on to say “In this Information Age, one of your greatest strengths — in our case, our ability to communicate to a wide range of supporters through the Internet — could also be one of your greatest vulnerabilities” and then said “America’s economic prosperity in the 21st century will depend on cybersecurity” and “”Our technological advantage is a key to America’s military dominance“.

“The Administration pursue a new comprehensive approach to securing America’s digital infrastructure.

This new approach starts at the top, with this commitment from me: From now on, our digital infrastructure — the networks and computers we depend on every day — will be treated as they should be: as a strategic national asset. Protecting this infrastructure will be a national security priority. We will ensure that these networks are secure, trustworthy and resilient. We will deter, prevent, detect, and defend against attacks and recover quickly from any disruptions or damage.

To give these efforts the high-level focus and attention they deserve — and as part of the new, single National Security Staff announced this week — I’m creating a new office here at the White House that will be led by the Cybersecurity Coordinator. ”


Privacy: James Bamford & Chris Calabrese on surveillance for control

The Technology & Liberty Program of American Civil Liberties Union monitors the interplay between cutting-edge technology and civil liberties, actively promoting responsible uses of technology that enhance privacy and freedom, while opposing those that undermine our freedoms and move us closer to a surveillance society. At the Annual Membership Conference of ACLU two years ago, this talk by James Bamford author of “The Puzzle Palace” and “Body of Secrets” & Chris Calabrese Program Counsel of the ACLU Technology and Liberty Project was recorded by Mike McCormick

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Jonathan B Postel Award

Nominations for the 2009 Jonathan B. Postel Service Award are due by 29 May. The Internet Society presents this annual award to an individual or an organization that has made outstanding contributions in service to the data communications community. This year the award will be presented during the 75th Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, 26-31 July. The award includes a presentation crystal and a prize of USD20,000.

The award recognizes sustained and substantial technical contributions, service to the community, and leadership. With respect to leadership, the nominations committee places particular emphasis on candidates who have supported and enabled others in addition to their own specific actions.

More information about the award, the nomination procedure, and about Jon Postel’s life and contributions is available at:

Greg Wood
Internet Society

office: +1-703-439-2145
mobile: +1-703-625-3917

Fellowship applications to ICANN Seoul now open

The 36th meeting of ICANN would take place at Seoul, South Korea from from 25-Oct-2009 to 30-Oct-2009. A good idea of what would take place at Seoul can be had from the websites of the recently concluded Mexico meeting and the meeting to take place in June at Sydney

Those from ISOC India Chennai interested in ICANN and at-Large activities, applying for a fellowship to attend the meeting at Seoul may apply here
It is a convention to be adopted to keep the Chapter’s Director for Communication posted on your fellowship application, to enable the chapter to furnish a reference if required.