Internet Governance Forum 2014, Turkey: Call for Workshop proposals

The IGF Secretariat has just launched the 2014 Call for workshop proposals (deadline: 14 April). Guidelines for proposers and a template of the online proposal form are available here:

This call follows the recent IGF Open Consultations (OC) and Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) meetings that were held on 19-20 Feb., in Geneva. The meetings were chaired by Ambassador Janis Karklins (Latvia), who succeeded Markus Kummer as interim chair.

Discussions focused on the themes for IGF 2014, including Enabling Access Policies, Content issues, Digital Trust, Human Rights and Critical Internet Resources. The importance of the IGF in the evolving Internet Governance Landscape was also identified as a central theme for this year’s meeting. MAG members held the view that the community has high expectations for the IGF, which they see as an indispensable element of the Internet ecosystem.

The IGF Secretariat presented a synthesis paper of all suggestions received regarding IGF 2014, which is available here: ISOC’s proposal to seek inspiration from the IETF and have the IGF produce non-binding policy outcomes found widespread support. As a result, Best Practices Forums will be included in the structure of the event and linked to the themes of the main sessions.


ISOC IGF 2014 proposal:

ISOC Webex on the Future of the IGF:

(from the Internet Society mailing list, information posted by Constance Bommalaer)

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