Y2K20: Opportunities in design and testing for freelance application developers, small IT companies, medium, large and huge.

It was not uncommon to find the earliest of the Web Application Developers to assume that all domain names would end in .com, all email addresses would follow the format @xyz.com. While developers took into account newer domain names such as .info in due course, most continued to design applications to accept Domain names and […]

RoundTable at the Asia Internet Symposium: What can India bring to Internet Governace

Asia Internet Symposium Chennai, was organized around the theme “India in the Free and Open Global Internet” in two sessions. Full Playlist starts with the inaugural introduction to the Event, followed by the recordings of speeches by the Invitees including the Key Note Speaker, in turn followed by the recording of Round Table Session ( bit.ly/aischennai […]

Fellowship Application Round Opens for ICANN International Public Meeting 45 in Toronto, Canada

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is now accepting online applications for the 17th round of the Fellowship program. Successful candidates will participate in the ICANN meeting to be held in Toronto, Canada from 14-18 October 2012. The Fellowship program is open to applicants who are current residents of developing and least developed […]

World War 3 ? Who should control the Internet (if the idea of control is right)?

These are subjectively highlighted excerpts from the well researched Vanity Fair May 2012 article “In the Battles of SOPA and PIPA, who should Control the Internet” By Michael Joseph Gross, reposted here with a comment, some pictures and a mischievous cartoon. This year, in the month of December, Diplomats from 193 countries will converge at the […]

US Congress notices that the entire Internet is angry: SOPA postponed

Internet was on strike on January 18 in protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act. The public participation online and on the streets was huge. U.S. Congress observed all these developments, paid attention to the public opinion and is postponing the votes on SOPA and PIPA and has agreed to revisit both bills. Internet Society […]