India to set up agency to scan tweets, emails and updates

The government is setting up an internet scanning agency which will seek to monitor all web traffic passing through internet service providers in the country. The scanning agency to be called National Cyber Coordination Centre (NCCC), will issue ‘actionable alerts’ to government departments in cases of perceived security threats. … According to the minutes of ameeting […]

Locking up cyberspace in Pakistan

Bytesforall says this: The Government of Pakistan has repeatedly exhibited the obsession to lock up the Pakistani cyberspace at every given chance. The reasons for doing so are myriad and diverse, but mostly, they revolve around the same unjustifiable excuses like upholding national security, war on terror and/or religious morality. In order to do these, […]

Government of India to have DIRECT Access to all your phone conversations

Secure tapping mechanism ready Soon the Centre would have direct access to all your telephone conversations as the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has developed capabilities to intercept phones without keeping your operator in the loop. Currently, trials are on in Delhi and Haryana through a main server established in the national capital. It would take […]

Press freedom rank for India drops from 105 in 2009 to 131 last year

Following are excerpts from a Washington Post article titled “India debates limits to freedom of expression”   From Google to Facebook, from world-famous author Salman Rushdie to a little-known political cartoonist, it has become increasingly easy in recent months to offend the Indian government, and to incur the wrath of the censor or even the […]

Europe’s proposed Online Privacy Laws: Template for the World

  Europe is considering a sweeping new law that would force Internet companies like and Facebook to obtain [highlight_1] explicit consent from consumers [/highlight_1] about the use of their personal data, delete that data forever at the consumer’s request and face fines for failing to comply… The proposed law strikes at the heart of some of the […]