History of Internet and Internet Governance and Internet for Business

Almost at Zero Budget, three short duration events happened at Isoc India Chennai in three locations, 4-6 hours of travel between the locations. Dr Olivier Crepin LeBlond, Chair of ICANN At Large led a session on IPv6 at Technoforum, Pondichery where I was asked to organize another 3 hour session on the History of Internet […]

Take Down Censorship, not Free Speech

The Indian government, which this year already passed new content-removal rules for websites, now wants to take it a step further and censor some of the most-used websites like Google and Facebook — before the people of India even get to see the content! India’s Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal is asking internet and social media […]

Magna Carta of the Internet: "no free man shall be deprived of his liberty"

  Magna Carta Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the world wide web, has taken a swipe at the UK’s controversial Digital Economy Act calling its provisions “worrying” and adding that “disconnection from the Internet is a form of imprisonment”. Martyn Warwick of Telecom TV One reports. Speaking in London at an event to mark […]

Internet Society calls on users to act to keep the Internet open and transparent at I Net London

> Porous Gardens 29 September 2010, LONDON – The Internet Society urged Internet users around the world to become active participants in the effort to guarantee that the Internet remains an open and transparent platform for communication and innovation. Moats and Drawbridges At its INET conference on the impact of the Internet revolution on business […]