Reporters without Borders name “Enemies of the Internet”

Bahrain and Belarus have been added to Reporters Without Borders’ annual list of “enemies of the internet” They join 10 other nations on the campaign group’s register of states that restrict net access, filter content and imprison bloggers. India and Kazakhstan have also joined RWB’s list of “countries under surveillance” because of concerns that they are becoming […]

EFF argues that patents hinder innovation

Patents may have been created to help encourage innovation, but instead they regularly hinder it. The US Patent Office, overwhelmed and underfunded, issues questionable patents every day. “Patent trolls” buy too many of these patents and then misuse the patent system to shake down companies big and small. Others still use patents to limit competition […]

Internet Society announces its Deploy360 program

Deploy360 is a new initiative within the Internet Society that aims to bridge the gap between the IETF standards process and final adoption of those standards by the global operations community. Deploy360 provides real-world IPv6 and DNSSEC deployment information including technical documents, case studies, best common practices, and more. Other topics will be added as […]

Thank You Afilias, NamesBeyond and NIXI for sponsoring our Events during June 2011

Afilias, NIXI, NamesBeyond sponsored our IPv6 Workshop, Seminar and a Discussion on Core Internet Values at Chennai during June 26-29. We thankfully acknowledge the support from our sponsors. Both the events on June 26 were webcast live to external audience with help from Joly MacFie of ISOC New York. The Webcasts are archived at […]

EFF Celeberates its 20th Anniversary

The Electronic Frontier Foundation celebrates its 20th Anniversay on July 10, 2010. To commemorate this event, it has released this animation: This animation depicts three key issues that bother the average Internet user: 3. Onerous user agreements. Users regularly click through monstrous blocks of legalese in order to use the most popular web sites and […]