History of Internet : a presentation as Work in Progress

This presentation was made in 2011 at Bharathidasan Institute of Management and Karunya University, as an Introduction to Internet History and to touch upon Internet Governance issues. A topic like this requires collaborative work. Hence, the title “a presentation as Work in Progress” which is to be taken up. In the meantime, it looks good […]

ICANN launches the process to discuss the process of IANA transition in ICANN Singapore

      ICANN has initiated the launch of the multi-stakeholder-designed process for the community at the ICANN 49 Meeting in Singapore (21-27 March 2014) to address how the mechanisms for the transition should occur. Input from the community discussions are to be compiled and incorporated into the consultation materials anticipated to be posted on 7 […]

Internet Society President on engaging Global Multi-Stakeholder Community on Internet Governance

This blog post by the Internet Society President Lynn St.Amour on Internet Governance issues is intended to share background with and invite comment from the Internet Society community on how we might strengthen the Internet governance model central to the Internet’s success. Of course, as always, I encourage and look forward to input more broadly, so I […]

High-Level Panel Organizes to Address Future of Internet Governance

A diverse global group of stakeholders from government, civil society, the private sector, the technical community and international organizations has formed a Panel on the Future of Global Internet Cooperation. The Panel’s first meeting is scheduled for December 12 – 13 in London. Focusing on the pressing issue of Internet governance, and committed to a […]